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Rioseco- can’t fake texture like this

a shoe cobbler’s still life

Shoe Cobbler

Here are some pictures from a recent trip I took to Rioseco, with my friend Manuela and her mum Leo. We spent the week at a farm house Leo grew up in, and is now used as a summer home. The house is located outside the small town of Rioseco. The feel of the town and the house is rustic and unspoiled, so rustic in fact, that they did not get running water or a bathroom in the house until 2000! Oh yeah, and I could not get internet anywhere in the town. If that doesn’t convince you of the “authentically old charm” of the place these photos ought to.

I am fascinated by age and decay, so I was in heaven.

Shoe Cobbler

Meet Ignacio, the local shoe cobbler. Shoe Cobbler? That’s what I said too, but Ignacio is a bit more of the town’s “wise man” than he is a shoe cobbler. On just about any day, his shop is as packed as one of the bars or cafes. It seems people may just use the shoes as an excuse to come and hear what he has to say, I know I would. Who gets their shoes resoled anyway?

Becca Blevins

Becca Blevins

He was gracious enough to let me take pictures in the shop, which in and of itself is rare according to the Leo, who grew up with him.Becca Blevins

I just cant get over these, I love the colors and textures.

Becca Blevins

I think this is my favorite one, maybe of all time

Kitchen Still Life- Becca Blevins

Still life in La Cocina  Old Keys - Becca Blevins

Keys and the kitchen table

Old Keys- Becca Blevins

Old Keys- Becca Blevins One of my favorite things about this place (i.e. Europe in general) are the old doors and gorgeous old keys. Stashed away in an oven, I found this pile of beauties. They make me think of my childhood memories reading The Secret Garden. Such charm.

Off to the cemetery, yay… no but really, I love the cemetery.

I was enamored of this tomb, not sure if it came out as interesting as it seemed to me.

Some of my favorite colors

Gah, will the lovely creepiness ever stop.

You can’t expect me not to take a shot like this while in a cemetery, can you?

Castillo Viejo

Ignacio (the cobbler, for those of you with a short memory) insisted that we come out to a church called Castillo Viejo, he got them to give me the run of the place. These photos are taken from behind the altar area, where usually only the priests go. This little room of sheer wonder, is filled with old photos, bones and locks of hair. These trinkets are offerings the villagers have given to the virgin. I was glued to the wall forever just staring at the photos, so much character.

There is so much more, but I am going to keep it simple and just stick with textures in this entry. Hope these resoul your little heart like, they do mine. I just rolled my eyes at myself, how on earth did I ever end up with the sense of humor as a 60 year old man?! Until next time.

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  • Amy Wenzel-Davison - These are so breahtaking and beautiful. You have always been so talented even in our HS photography class. You amazme me Becca! Fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Tiff - 🙂

    BECCA!!! SO beautiful!!:) And I too…my dear…have the sense of humor of a 60 yr old man at times too:)…there’s nothing wrong w/ that:) SO sweet to see you focus in on history and the beauty of precious memories. Blessings to you our current Euro friend:)!!ReplyCancel

  • Sophia - Hi Becca,
    These pictures are fantastic! And Rioseco looks like a magical place. Was nice meeting you in London!

    • admin - Thanks Sophia!

      I just noticed your comment great hearing from you, it was so great meeting you too. I just got back to the US last week and am getting settled in. I made it to Utrecht while in Holland, such a lovely city!! Thanks for the note, I owe you one photo that we took together in the airport. I still have a few bars of chocolate from London, ha!


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