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Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE High School Senior Photos!?!  In case I forgot to say so, I absolutely love them.  This year I was contacted by Catalina, a senior at Westside Christian. Catalina is a creative as well as an amazing athlete, and Water Polo player.  She wanted senior photos that were totally unique, so I decided to approach the shoot more like styled fashion shoot. Given that she spends most of her time in the water, we knew water had to be a big part of the shoot. I let her inspiration and excitement set in, as I brainstormed ideas and locations for her big shoot. On the day of we had so much fun exploring and taking some risks. So much so, that at the end of the night we found ourselves under a bridge down by the river, just after nightfall. Ooops.  It just seems finding myself in dodgy situations is just a part of the way I work. At the end of the day I’m tickled by the result of these senior photos. Thanks Catalina and Roxanne for your ideas, style and willingness to take it to the mattresses with river folk, should it have come to it.

For more creative senior ideas, check out this inspiration board https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/senior-photo/

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Senior Model / Creative Senior Photos / Portland Senior Photos

I’m so excited to share these senior photos from an on location senior portrait session in Downtown Portland. Kamala has a flair all her own. I get a lot of inspiration from my subjects and strive to let them shine in their own way. I had a lot of fun shooting creative portraits for her that let her unique style and personality shine.  Big thanks to Kamala for being such a fun creative model!

Senior Model / Creative Senior Photos / Portland Senior Photos

 Senior Model / Creative Senior Photos / Portland Senior Photos Senior Model / Creative Senior Photos / Portland Senior Photos

Portland Senior Photos

Fun Senior Photos / Portland Oregon

Best Senior Photos in Portland

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anthro bride

                                  I’m so excited to share this gem of my personal inspiration shoot, recently published on Chic Vintage Brides. Below is a little about my inspiration and the contributors.

                                    In my hours spent wandering through the halls of European art galleries, I’ve always been inspired and drawn in by the quiet perfection and romantic elegance of Victorian and Dutch paintings. My heart still skips a beat when I think of the Dutch Masters and the classic style of the Vanidades, a collection of symbolic still life paintings created by a group of Dutch painters. I wanted to give an ode to these intentionally composed paintings; filled with richly draped fabrics, lush flowers and moody light.

This shoot took place in Portland, Oregon fittingly known as the home of the artist. The palette was chosen to give a soft fresh airy look to these painterly images. I was so lucky to team with amazing creatives who immediately understood the vision and added their own spin, making the shoot even more than I had imagined.

The amazing Renee Tophia of Eden Willow and I hand painted a backdrop to match the style and give this shoot an editorial fine art feel. The gown by BHLDN matched in elegance and simplicity with just a touch of flow and movement. Heather at Summersweet Design did an amazing job with her structured yet cascading arrangements. She was even able to whip together a beautiful flowering branch in the off season. Kellye Jameson made us swoon with her choice of blushes and nudes for makeup and the matching hairstyle was nothing short of perfection. The shoes were provided by Miz Mooz, a small vintage inspired shoe company out of New York. The bespoke Portland boutique, The Salty Tea Cup, furnished the accessories from their private label made by owner Karen Urban from repurposed vintage jewelry.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have had the chance to bring this personal dream of a shoot to life.

Fashion Photography

Contributors & Credits

Photography & Styling – Becca Blevins Photography // Wedding Dress – BHLDN // Bridal Shoes – Miz Mooz // Floral Design – Heather of Summersweet Design // Hair & Makeup – Kellye J Hair and Makeup// Jewels – Karen Urban of Salty Tea Cup // Vintage Furniture – 55 York Design Studio //

Anthro Bride

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Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-100

I had my first phone consult with Zac and Brenah, while I was staying in Costa Rica this year. The surfboards hanging behind me in our meeting, did not seem to bother these well seasoned travelers. These two have started every significant event in their story together with a road trip, and decided to start their wedding in the same way. I spoke with the Brenah and Zac a few days before the wedding, as they were driving through the middle of nowhere, in and out of cell range on the road from Colorado. Mentally preparing for the next step ahead in the hours on the road.

When I arrived the day of, the energy was relaxed and joyful as the two helped each other get ready for the day, accompanied by family and close friends. The wedding day was filled with so many hugs and smiles, I thought my heart would burst. The evening celebration was kicked off by a joyful, yet notably terrified hora dance, that had me grinning ear to hear.  These two are deep wells of calm mixed with adventure and have a way of doing everything their own way. Congratulations Zac and Brenah, can’t wait to watch you blaze your own trail on the journey of a lifetime.

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-101Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-102
Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-105Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-106Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-107Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-108Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-109Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-110Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-111Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-112Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-113Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-114Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-115Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-116Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-117Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-118

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-120

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-122

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-119

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-123Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-124Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-125Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-126Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-127Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-128Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-129Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-130Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-131Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-132Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-133Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-134Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-135Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-136Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-137Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-138Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-140Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-141Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-142

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