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Last week in Barcelona

What can you really get done in a week anyway? A lot, apparently. The photos posted in this blog, are a series I was comissioned to shoot by Manuela Lyle, a jeweler from Scotland who lives and works in Spain. Manuela is a phenominal jeweler, she recently made a series of jewelry pieces based on the book, Hinds Feet in High Places.  Manuela, Jamie DeBella, and I sat down and planned out 6 photo shoots, looks and themes, to feature Manuela’s jewelry. We shot all 6 of them my last 6 days in BCN. Oooof, it was a mad dash of shooting, exauhsting but very fun! Why do artists thrive on stress?

These were shot in the Cuitadela, one of my favorite parks in Barcelona. Simi was gracious enough to model for us, and humored all of my random requests. I brought my SB 800 and two pocket wizards for additional lighting. The SB 800 has remote capabilities, but the pocket wizards are more consistent than the infared sensor, when it comes to using it on remote. The flash is located to the left of the frame, almost parallel with the ground, this is called raking and adds a bit of testure to the grass and illuminates the flowers… and well it’s just plain lovely.

Manuela supplied the wardrobe for these out of her extensive collection of vintage clothes. This pink dress was a last minute choice and worked great on Simi. All of These shots with Simi  have a bit of an Ophelia quality. I really like how the flowers and necklace pop in this one.

Manuela makes a great model for her own jewelry. We shot 6 of the 12 pieces in the collection, I will have to do the other 6 next year. These were also shot in the west end of the Cuitadela very close to where the zoo is located.

Gahhh! I love this one, with the row of lights and Arc de Triumph illuminated in the background. I had my flash and umbrella located to the left, level with the model. It was pitch black by the time we got to these. I was shooting at about 1/8 of a second using my knee as a makeshift tripod, with an f/9 ISO 1250. This shutter speed is way lower than you should go with handheld, but it’s worth it, if you can catch even just a wee bit of ambient light.

Love. All of the street lights are creating tiny flecks of lens flare – always a sucker for lens flare.

These shots with Simi and the laundry were shot on the rooftop of Manuela’s appartment building. The clouds that night were incredible. I want to throw a party on this terrace next year, it’s right in the center of the city and is just beautiful.

This piece of jewelry is one of my favorites, Jamie was gracious enough to model it for us. She came and crashed on the very uncomfortable couch at my apartment for the last two weeks in Barcelona. Couch surfers beware, if you come stay with me for any period of time, I will coarse you into modeling for me.

This set of photos were shot in the entryway and stairwell of my apartment, which was convenient but a bit awkward anytime a neighbor had to get down the stairs. Ha.

I had fun playing around with the external flash on these last two. Manuela was kind enough to be my mobile tripod for these. Does anyone want to come be a traveling assistant with me next year? It’s fun, I promise.

Oh and the madd house wife was a must! Jamie was such a great model for these. It turns out this look, is a tricky one to achieve. It lies somewhere between, comely, cheesy, playful and sincere. I don’t think I can pull that off that kind of face modeling, but Jamie did an amazing job with it.

Ha, yes! This one is awesome. Definitely one of my favorites. Fierce ironing.

Last but not least, the sassy secretary, featuring the fashionable and fun acorn style pendant and earrings. I think I’m taking a page from coluege Robbie Augspurger on these shots. How am I doing Robbie?

I like the reds in three’s.

… that’s all I got, well not really. There are about a million more, but that’s all I could process for right now. Hope you have as much fun with these I as did.



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  • Joanna - You are so creative Becca!ReplyCancel

  • Karyn Thurston - Becca, these made me swoon… they’re just gorgeous! Gah! I can’t wait to see your lovely face now that you’re back stateside. For now, I’ll settle for staring at these all day… so beautiful. You’re unbelievable. Truly.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Oh Karyn, you are making me blush, thanks so much! I am looking forward to seeing you too, and I have been loving your blog these days. 🙂 Thanks for your Kar-spiration!ReplyCancel

  • Antonio Galindo - Hey Becca, can’t believe to see these places through the lenses of your camera — it seem’s to be magic, time shifted — unbelievable and a great work! Love it, saludos de Barcelona * TonyReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks so much Antonio! I know, the stairway of the apartment looks different on film, for sure. Hope you’re well roomie, I tell everyone about your “bullet proof” recipe. Saludos desde Oregon, estas envitada, si quieres visitar a los Estadados.ReplyCancel

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