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Desert and Fire

Portland photographer-14

Hiiii! Here are some images from a recent trip. I absolutely love them and am excited to share. This has not always been the case. I’m in a process of growing into loving and being proud of my work more quickly than I have in the past.  My recent travels put a microscope on my own inner dialogue and  created a greenhouse for growth out of a mindset that has been holding me back.  I’m learning to let others into my process and it’s bringing a whole new joy and sense of accomplishment to my work.

Imperfection is beauty. Be brave. Take the risk. Share. Be disappointed. You most certainly will be as you set out to create. A flawed creation is better than the perfect unexecuted one that lives in your mind’s eye. What are your personal blockades, what helps you get over them?

Without further adieu, here are some sunshine filled images from Joshua Tree Desert. Hope you enjoy.


comercial photographer portland -30

Joshua Tree - becca blevins-51

Portland photographer-17Portland photographer-16Portland photographer-15

comercial photographer portland -3

comercial photographer portland -32

Portland photographer-20Portland photographer-21comercial photographer portland -33

Portland photographer-18

Joshua Tree - becca blevins-30

Portland photographer-24

comercial photographer portland -6

Portland photographer-25

comercial photographer portland -11

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