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Bridal Veil Lakes – Summer Wedding

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding-100

I had my first phone consult with Zac and Brenah, while I was staying in Costa Rica this year. The surfboards hanging behind me in our meeting, did not seem to bother these well seasoned travelers. These two have started every significant event in their story together with a road trip, and decided to start their wedding in the same way. I spoke with the Brenah and Zac a few days before the wedding, as they were driving through the middle of nowhere, in and out of cell range on the road from Colorado. Mentally preparing for the next step ahead in the hours on the road.

When I arrived the day of, the energy was relaxed and joyful as the two helped each other get ready for the day, accompanied by family and close friends. The wedding day was filled with so many hugs and smiles, I thought my heart would burst. The evening celebration was kicked off by a joyful, yet notably terrified hora dance, that had me grinning ear to hear.  These two are deep wells of calm mixed with adventure and have a way of doing everything their own way. Congratulations Zac and Brenah, can’t wait to watch you blaze your own trail on the journey of a lifetime.

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