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5 Ideas for creating vibrant senior photos on a rainy day


I’m a native Oregonian and a huge fan of shooting in the great outdoors whenever possible. One thing I get asked when planning a photo session is, “What do we do if it rains?” This is a more than valid question in the great Northwest. I typically do everything I can to make a session come together as planned, but when push comes to shove and rainstorm, a heat wave, or a dreaded sharknado hits, we can always move the session indoors to my studio. A lot of people think of stiff headshots and department store imagery when they hear studio, but studio photography can be just as fun and fresh as shooting in the outdoors – if you have a plan and a few fun props and accessories.

You’d never guess it but these images from Malina’s session were shot on a dreary rainy day in Portland, yet they are the epitome of fun, summery images. Here are my five tips for creating a great senior session in bad weather.

1) Add some Color!


For this session we shot all natural light, with some large windows helping us out. We used a few colorful paper backdrops to add some flair. For this session we chose simple soft colors, but you could go for it with your favorite piece of fabric from a vintage store or even a hand painted backdrop.


2) Wardrobe!

Don’t be afraid to go big with your outfit choices. From bright colors to bold swaths of fabric, the studio is a great place to show off some fun style!


3) Props.

Having an item to pose with or shoot through will add interest to any portrait session and help create the mood and tell a story. For this session, I was going for a more tropical feel, so I foraged a few flowers that were in bloom and bought the biggest Monstera leaf I could find.  I absolutely love how it came out in the images.


4) Move it.

Whether it’s shaking that hair, doing jump shots, or catching the movement of a beautiful flowing fabric. Move. It’s lots of fun, I promise.  


5) Makeup.

Have fun with adding color and style into your makeup. You can begin the session with light makeup and add a brighter lip color or eye color as you go. It’s much harder to dial it back, so adding as you go can be a great way to achieve a variety of looks.  


All that said! I can’t wait for our next session and I hope it goes as planned –  if its raining fiery hailstones, rest assured that I’ll have your back and make our studio session fun!

With: Malina and Studio New York (PDX)

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